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New Movie “Solace” by Moc’s Film Pro to Hit the Theaters in 2020

New Movie “Solace”, a Nollywood Movie produced under the auspices of Moc Film Productions is scheduled to drop in the theaters come 2020.

The movie Directed by Kingley Iweru and story & screenplay by Odusoga BoseHawau , tells a tale of love, commitment, betrayal, trust, soberness and restoration.

It features a rich cast with Femi played by Eddie Watson, married to Bukola (Uche Elendu).

The story revolves around these two married couples whose marriage suffers some crack when the husband begins an illicit affair with Ada (Nuella Njubigbo); going by the pressure both from the home as well as the office.

Incidentally, Ada is married to Tobe (played by MOC) who finds out of his wife’s adulterous dalliance and takes things in good stride with his own brand of vengeance.

Solace will be coming to y’all in 2020, and the trailer which is currently out showcases a rich snippet of cinematic ambience.

Micheal Ogochukwu (MOC), CEO of Moc Films Production assured movie buffs and those who love the romantic genre; that Solace will indeed be a movie with a rich story, sublime cinematography, suspense and superb acoustics.

Moc, who recently joined the ranks of great Executive Producers, also showcased his acting skills on the big screen, and much kudos to him for assembling a rich and intuitive casts.

With the crescendo of this motion picture reaching fever pitch, we believe that Solace will be yet another Nigerian and Nollywood movie production that moves away from the normal stereotype and cliché. 

We expect something not only cinematic, but didactic as well; one that’ll deliver lessons indelible as well as palliative.

With the industry inundated with substandard movies and poor story telling, it is indeed salient that watching this movie could help couples mend broken marriages as well as act as a guide for ordinary people to watch out for relationship destroying triggers.

Again kudos to the cast and crew who I believe did their best in their respective offices. To the producer cum  director- Kinglsley Iweru, Executive Producer and CEO of Moc Films Pro – MOC and every other person either onscreen or behind the lens.

We believe Solace will be a motion picture that will leave behind an enduring legacy, one that will help create a more positive image and vibes for the third largest movie industry in the world (NOLLYWOOD).

Updated: December 6, 2019 — 10:52 am

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