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Actor Alexx Ekubo defend Gays, denies being one

Handsome Nollywood Actor Alexx Ekubo has defended homosexuals, saying people should allow others to be free and comfortable with their sexual preference. Just as he denies being gay.

Actor Alexx Ekubo had countlessly been accused of dating fellow Nollywood  actor, Uti Nwachukwu, but both actors have denied the allegations countless times.

According to the New Year message posted by the actor on his Instagram page last week, Alexx Ekubo advised people to learn to live and allow others live as well and stop the name calling and shaming.

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Actor Alexx Ekubo:

“Learn to live and let live. If a person wants to be gay, let them be gay in peace. Personally, I’m not, have never been and will never be.

“Let’s allow people to be free and comfortable with their sexual preference. Stop the name calling and shaming.”

Stating further, he advised Nigerian youths to learn to be happy for one another, adding that  hating another man’s candle won’t light theirs.

He said: “Dear Nigerian youth, learn to be happy for one another, hating another man’s candle won’t light yours. If someone buys a car, be happy for the person, if someone builds a house, be happy and pray that God blesses you to do the same. Don’t start criticising and calling names, ‘fraudster,’ ‘gigolo,’ ‘husband snatcher.’

“A thief, who hasn’t had the opportunity considers himself an honest man. Trust me, you would do worse should the opportunity present itself. So, shut up!”

The actor also talked about tithing in his post. He said:

“Personally, I’m an unrepentant tithe payer. You want to know why? Because I want to contribute to the outreach the church is doing.

“Now, if my pastor wants to buy a Rolls Royce or a private jet with it, that’s fine with me. God that sees in the secret and rewards in the open will never let my labour of love go unnoticed.”




Updated: January 6, 2019 — 12:22 pm

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